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Save yourself time in automating
web vulnerability scanning.

So that you can take on more clients.

  • Scan Multiple URLs Concurrently
  • Detailed PDF Reports
  • Complete Suite of Web Security Pentesting Tools (including ASMP & OOB Server)!
Deep Scan Results

Scan Multiple Sites Concurrently

Scan Multiple Websites Seamlessly!

List of URLs

Active Scanning
with Nova Security


Vulnerability Assessment Reports

Detailed Reports

Easily Reproducible Reproduction & Mitigation Steps!

PDF Report

Detailed Vulnerability Assessment Reports

Easy to Reproduce Steps & Recommended Mitigation Steps

Report Status, Severity & Comments

PDF Exports

Instant Notifications via Email, Slack, Discord or Telegram

A complete tool suite. Including ASM Platform!

Automate your work, and save a lot of valuable time on repetitive tasks.

ASM Solution

Build Your Own Historical Dataset

Easy Overview to Keep Track of Changes

Recurring & Scheduled Scans

Pull & Export Data via the API for Further Processing

Filter Relevant Data and/or Screenshot Live Hosts

Daily Update Notifications via Email, Slack, etc.