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Built By The Same Penetration Testers That Helped Secure

+95% LESS False Positives

Clear Reproduction & Mitigation Steps

Extensive API

Prevent Expensive Security Breaches. On Time.

Invest in your peace of mind and secure your users against security vulnerabilities that are exploited in real-world scenarios by bad actors.

Avoid Potential Downtime

Avoid Expensive Security Breaches & Incidents

Improve Your Security Posture

Set up scans

Recurring, Scheduled or Through CI/CD

Find Vulnerabilities

Nova Security Scanner

Resolve Reports

Built-In Vulnerability Management Solution +
Atlassian JIRA & GitHub Issues Integrated

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14-Day Free TrialCloud-based Web Vulnerability ScannerClear Reproduction & Mitigation Steps

For All Modern Web Apps & APIs

Nova Security Scanner simulates client-side attacks using a web browser. Just like a real-world bad actor would.

Headless Web Crawler

Up to +95% LESS False Positive Results

Clear Reproduction Steps (Dynamically-Generated)

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Validator Engine

Validate Every Vulnerability
Limit False-Positives

New Vulnerability

Validator Engine

Every vulnerability found gets passed to the Validator Engine and filters all false positive results.


Up to +95% LESS False Positive Results

Clear & Easy Reproducuable Steps (Dynamically Generated + PDF Exports)

Actionable Mitigation Recommendations

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Developer Teams

Never be scared of web security ever again

Transform your DevOps team into DevSecOps

CI/CD Integration
Spot security risks early on in your development cycle with our integrated API and transform your DevOps team into DevSecOps. We'll help you along the way.
Ease of use
We simplified the whole process. From mapping out all your web assets (web apps, APIs, ...), to finding and reporting vulnerabilities. The scanner is cloud-based so you don't have to spend time setting it up. No additional training is required.
Instant Notifications
Receive instant notifications on found vulnerabilities via Webhook, Email, Slack or Discord. Create tickets on Atlassian Jira, GitLab and Mantis. And receive detailed PDF reports.
Your data is yours and will stay yours. We do not collect any of your scanning data for our own use.
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Security Engineers / SOC Analysts

Need to secure thousands of web assets?

Scalability is not an issue

Integrated API
Build your own historical dataset, query and initiate or schedule scans using the integrated API. Connect your existing solutions, like SIEM, effortlesly. Take 0-day and 1-day monitoring to a whole new level.
Instant Notifications
Receive instant notifications on found vulnerabilities via Webhook, Email, Slack or Discord. Create tickets on Atlassian Jira, GitLab and Mantis. And receive detailed PDF reports.
Daily Fresh Intel
Our dashboard is designed to keep you up-to-date with the recent changes. With a quick overview and multiple ways to export data or pass it to other third-party tooling without wasting time.
Your data is yours and will stay yours. We do not collect any of your scanning data for our own use.
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Reconnaissance on Auto-Pilot

Simple Recon System

Always stay on top of the latest changes in your network with a simple recon system

ASM Platform screenshot
  1. Recurring & Scheduled Scans

    A seamless automated approach with recurring and scheduled scans to keep track of all your potential attack surface.

  2. Technology Fingerprinting

    Map out and filter hosts based on technologies, key response elements and even screenshot them. Making monitoring for new CVEs as easy as it can get.

  3. Daily Notifications

    Track changes and receive daily updates to stay on top of everything. From new hosts to response changes. All your data can easily be viewed & exported through the API (making connecting it to your SIEM easily).

Setup Your Own ASM Platform
Vulnerability Management

Integrated Vulnerability Management

Assign a Status, Severity & Ticket to Each Vulnerability

  1. Workflow

    With the ability to assign a status and ticket to each vulnerability, you can maintain a nicely optimized workflow with your developer's teams.

  2. Third-Party Ticket Integration

    Your current issue ticketing software and Nova Security Scanner are better together. Easily set up Atlassian JIRA or GitHub ticket support for auto-ticket creation.

  3. PDF

    PDF Reports

    PDF Exports are available for scan results but also for independent vulnerabilities and batched vulnerabilities at all times.

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Instant Notifications

Notifications API

Receive instant notifications once a vulnerability was found and validated.

  1. Email
  2. Slack
  3. Discord
  4. Webhook
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Extensive REST API

Our extensive async API is capable of starting, retrieving, querying and deleting scans and scan data. Including pulling the latest event changes.

Browse API Docs

curl -s \
-H 'X-API-Key: $API_KEY' | jq -r '.data[]'

Setup Your API Access


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Read about interesting attack vectors and exploitation methods found on modern web application services.


Got questions? We're here to help.

Vulnerability scanning is a process where an automated program is looking for vulnerabilities and security misconfigurations in your web application or network.

Usually, vulnerability scanners execute a predefined workflow to identify any exploitable vulnerability type.

Once a vulnerability scanner has found and verified a valid security flaw, it creates an alert and reports the finding accordingly.

False positives are an incorrect indication of the presence of a vulnerability. For example, a vulnerability scanner may notify you of a Reflective Cross-Site Scripting (CWE-79) vulnerability available as it was successfully able to inject a payload in a document with a non-executable content type (like text/plain). However, the payload will unlikely work as the browser won't render the response as HTML.

We solve this issue by validating every vulnerability found before notifying you (so you don't have to get excited and later realize that it was for nothing).

Most (vulnerability) scanners can contain false-positive results. We can easily remove them from your results as we pass them to our robust Validator Engine. A service capable of validating all types of vulnerabilities before determining their presence and exploitability in a real-world scenario.

This truly depends on how big and complex your web application or API is and your scan configuration.

Yes, we even encourage you to do so to uncover any hidden security flaws that may have had devastating effects if they're left untouched. You can set request headers (including the Cookie and/or Authorization header) when starting a new scan.

You can scan your web application as many times as you want.

However, we do recommend you at least scan your web application each time you push new code.

Throughout our years of experience as web app penetration testers and bug bounty hunters

We sometimes used third-party vulnerability scanners to automate some of our workflows, and it didn't work out well for us.

We had times when we found vulnerabilities while some vulnerability scanners just couldn't, even after pointing out where to scan.

This never allowed us to put our trust in vulnerability scanners. And we found that this should change.

Today, Nova Security is capable of finding vulnerabilities in various contexts, vulnerabilities that otherwise would've been left undetected by other scanners.

That is one key element that sets us apart from our competitors. It's our unfair advantage.

Yes! We have an API in place for you to use in your development cycle.

This will allow your team to fully automate the vulnerability scanning process. Including the creation of support tickets on Atlassian JIRA, GitHub Issues, etc.!

No. We give you the option to set a rate limit to not put excessive load on your server.

Nova Security is a European-based business and we take privacy seriously. We do not process any of your private data for our own gains nor do we sell it to third-parties. One of our core values is "Privacy", and you will always have full control over your data.

Yes, by default, your data is encrypted at rest (AES) and in transit (TLS).

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