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Never be scared of Web security again.

Scan for vulnerabilities on auto-pilot and never ever worry about
web security vulnerabilities in your web app!

  • Fully Automated Experience (CI/CD Integration)
  • Detailed PDF Reports & Support Tickets
  • Clear Reproduction & Mitigation Steps

CI/CD Integration

Integrate our Cloud-Based Web Vulnerability into Your CI/CD Pipeline Seamlessly!

Build Phase

Testing Phase

Active Security Tests
with Nova Security


Auto-Ticket Creation

Detailed Reports

Easily Reproducible Reproduction & Mitigation Steps!

PDF Report

Detailed Vulnerability Assessment Reports

Easy to Reproduce Steps & Recommended Mitigation Steps

Report Status, Severity & Comments

PDF Exports

Third-Party Ticket Support (Atlassian JIRA & GitHub Issues)

Third-Party Ticket Support

Automate your work, save valuable time.



Ticket Creation