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Automated Web Security Audits.

A Simple yet Advanced Web Vulnerability Security Scanner to Perform Fully-Automated Web Security Audits & Assessments.

Start Your Scan in < 3 minutes • Actionable Mitigation Steps

DAST & OAST Scanner

Recurring & Scheduled Scans

100+ Security Checks

Nova Security Scanner Provides Everything
You Need To Stay Secure

From Start to Finish. We Manage Everything For You.

Configure Your Scans

Identify Vulnerabilities

Handle Findings

Simulated Penetration Tests Streamlined Into
Automated Web Security Audits

Our Scanners Simulate a Real-World Penetration Tester's Methodology
To Help You Find as Many Vulnerabilities as Possible.

Content Discovery

Content Discovery Scanner Intercepts All HTTP Requests Using a Headless-Crawler

DAST & OAST Scanner

All Scanners Are Contextual And Are Equipped With An Advanced Payload Set Capable of Evading Strong Filters

Validator Engine

Integrated Validator Engine Brings False Positives & Negatives Rates Close to Zero

How Does It Work?

1. Configure Your Scan

In this step, you'll specify the scope of your vulnerability scan, enter any necessary authentication headers, and choose a time and a frequency for future scans. This step typically takes just a few minutes.

2. The Scanner Begins Its Analysis

Next, the scanner will initiate its preliminary reconnaissance phase, during which it will collect as much information as possible. The scanner will then proceed to examine every page and parameter for potential security vulnerabilities.

3. Scan Complete - Review Your Results

Once the scan is complete, you can generate a PDF report to review the findings. Each identified vulnerability will include a detailed description, an assessment of its impact, and practical recommendations for mitigation.

Scheduled & Recurring Automated Web Security Audits image

Shift-Left Security

Integrate Your Scans Into Your CI/CD Pipeline Seamlessly And Spot
Security Vulnerabilities Early On

Build Phase

Testing Phase

Active Security Tests
with Nova Security Scanner


Auto-Ticket Creation

101: Scheduling a call

What to expect from us


Introduction Call Or Email

This is where you hop on a quick (max 15-30 min.) call with one of our security engineers to understand your current requirements and see if we can help you. You can expect to answer a few questions related to your company.

But we will also:

  • Provide you with a free 14-day demo to try it out yourself and see if our solutions are the right fit for you
  • Make sure you receive an upfront estimated personalised pricing quote
  • More information on how we work
Start Now

Setup (optional)

We set up your environment for you so you save time yourself some time here as well. You can expect to be asked a few questions related to your network and scope settings. This can be an email or a live call if preferred.



That's it! Your environment is ready and your first scans should already be running! Time to make the internet a safer place!