Nova Security Stands For Peace and With the Palestinian People 🇵🇸

Nova Security Scanner is a
Web Vulnerability Scanner to Keep Your Users Secure.

We want to make web security easy.

For everybody.

We are a small group of security researchers who have mastered the way of modern web application penetration testing.

With years of experience, and continuous learning, we strive to conduct one of the best web application pentests available.

Most of us are also part-time bug bounty hunters.

It allows us to keep continuously competing with other hackers from all around the world, and gives us the possibility to discover, and strengthen our weak spots, as there is always room for improvement.

Automation plays a huge role in cyber security, as well as in web application penetration testing.

Thanks to our years of experience in the field, we were able to develop advanced in-house tools that are capable of pulling bugs from any where at any time.

They are not only capable of finding surface-layer vulnerabilities but also deeply hidden context-based security issues that previously required an immense amount of time, and experience to discover.

Mission, Vision and Values


Help make the internet a safer place for everyone.

We want to pursue this mission by developing highly advanced security vulnerability scanners that are not only blazing fast but also extremely reliable for any web application or API. We also want to simplify the use of our tools as much as possible.


Simplify web security for all kinds of businesses that have an online presence.

Web security has always been seen as a complex issue. But we strongly believe that it can be different. That web security can be fully automated & simplified to perfectly transform your DevOps team into a DevSecOps team with little adjustments on your side.


Our core values

We're a small team and always on the lookout for trying and finding new, different approaches to increase efficiency and reliability in our processes without degrading the performance or availability of our scanners.

We set precise goals that align with our mission. And we pursue them relentlessly. We often push ourselves beyond our limits to explore what is possible for us and what the next big step is.

Ensuring data privacy is key to our operations. We want to give you full control over your data.