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Never be scared of Web security again.

Mindlessly secure all your websites & webservices without ever worying about security.

Vulnerabilities found over time

Take the journey from A to B but without wasting time.

Everything too complicated or takes way to much time?
There's another way. A much better way.

Setup continuous scans

Find Vulnerabilities

Handle Reports

Everything automated & managed for you

Potential time saved each week.
  • Daily scheduled scans: No need to run an array of tools and filter the results of each scan. There's a better way, let's help you stop wasting your time in manual repetitive work.+1h
  • No False Positives: No need to validate findings manually. Our Validator Engine already does so for you. This will save you a significant amount of time.+40 min.
  • Clear in-depth reports: Reports with clear and actionable steps are available for each vulnerability scan to help you reproduce, validate and mitigate the discovered vulnerability.+50 min.
  • Seamless web interface: Everything is in handsight and easy to reach. You'll work with a pleasant web interface. Still find something complex? Just reach out to us and we fix it right away!+15 min.

Instant Notifications on Slack

New XSS Vulnerability!

A new XSS vulnerability found on REDACTED!

1337 New hosts!

1337 new hosts found for REDACTED! Click here to view results.

New CORS Misconfiguration Vulnerability!

A new CORS Misconfiguration vulnerability found on REDACTED!

101: Scheduling a call

What to expect from us


Introduction call

This is where you hop on a quick 15-30 min. call with one of our security engineers to understand your current requirements and see if we can help you. You can expect to answer a few questions related to your company.

But we will also:

  • Provide you with a free 14-day demo to try it out yourself and see if our solutions are the right fit for you
  • Make sure you receive an upfront estimated personalised pricing quote
  • More information on how we work
Start now

Setup (optional)

We set up your environment for you so you save time yourself some time here as well. You can expect to be asked a few questions related to your network and scope settings. This can an email or a live call if preferred.


You're fully set up!

That's it! Your environment is ready and your first scans should already be running! Time to make the internet a safer place!

But why Nova Security?

Let us show you why us

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