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A False-Positive Free XSS Scanner

Is it even possible? Watch!

  • GET-based & POST-based Cross-Site Scripting
  • Fast Scans
  • No False Positives
Scan for XSS
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Advanced. Because that's what we do.

Watch the short demo video and explore it yourself.

Simulate a Penetration Tester
Perform an automated series of effective tests to identify, exploit and verify a cross-site scripting vulnerability.
Blazing Fast
Scan multiple URLs concurrently with our multi-threaded scanners.
False-Positive Free
Our integrated Validator Engine drops false-positive rates to 0%.
Advanced Payload Set
With our specially crafted payload list generated for each context, it is more than capable of evading strict patterns and WAF rules.
Detailed Reports
Receive detailed reports with actionable steps. Even for edge-cases requiring multiple steps from the end-user, for example a click or a mouse enter event.
Instant Notifications
Receive instant notifications once an cross-site scripting vulnerability is discovered. Regardless of the scans' progress status.


Frequently asked questions

XSScanner is capable of identifying and verifying GET-based & POST-based cross-site scripting vulnerabilities at the moment. Including ones that require additional input from the user to trigger (view our demo video for more information)!

Yes, you can manually supply multiple URLs at the same time.

Additionally, you can also initiate a Deep Scan and automate the whole process from content discovery to scanning for CWE-79!

No, at the moment, only GET-based & POST-based XSS vulnerabilities are supported.

Later generations of our XSScanner will include support for DOM-based XSS.

No, the first generation of XSScanner is currently not capable of finding more advanced CSP bypasses for certain edge-cases.

Later generations of our XSScanner will include full support for Content Security Policy bypasses.

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